Savencia Fromage & dairy

Savencia Fromage & Dairy, the world’s #5 cheese manufacturer, is a major player in milk processing focused on cheese and milk specialties. Our independent family group is present in 120 countries worldwide.



Our regional cheeses, such as Epoisses Berthaut, Maroilles Fauquet or Rogue River Blue in the United States, cultivate the taste of authenticity with their character and unique flavors. 

Our unique products have won over the hearts of European consumers
and are leading the market such as Caprice des Dieux in France,
Géramont in Germany and Saint Agur in the UK. 

In Brazil with Polenghi, in the United States with Alouette or in Russia
with Velikoslavich: throughout the world, our brands assert their differences

A large range of butter, cream and cheese sauce for food service professionals.

Advanced know-how in the field of milk ingredients for food manufacturers, infant nutrition and pharmaceutical industries.