Caprice des Dieux : 65 years of boldness

A genuine breakthrough innovation, launched in the 1950s against the market trends of the time, Caprice des Dieux has asserted its unique and contemporary personality fom the very beginning!


Caprice des Dieux was born after five years of research in 1956 in the heart of the Haute-Marne (east of France) within the family dairy in Illoud. Its evocative name, its blue calisson shaped box, its unique fresh taste and creamy texture: this first cheese specialty overturned all the codes of the time.

From 1959, Caprice des Dieux vans are customized with the brand's loveable message for all foodies: “Caprice des Dieux, un amour de fromage!” translated as “Caprice des Dieux, an adorable cheese!”. Very quickly, this soft cheese with a bloomy rind conquered the Frenches’ hearts. With the opening of the first supermarket in France in 1963, Caprice des Dieux settled in the cheese counter.

At the same time, Caprice des Dieux crossed the borders and was exported to Switzerland, Belgium and Canada, to be enjoyed by new consumers!


Corps de texte


In the media, in 1968, Caprice des Dieux launched its first television advertising campaign under the slogan: "Light as a breeze, fresh as a dew, creamy and smooth". TV campaigns have followed one another since then and keep on surprising and entertaining consumers! From 1985, humor and fantasy set the tone of the new Caprice des Dieux advertising saga: from the unloading of skiers from a cable car to the great ostrich competition... For lovers, all occasions are good to be just the two of them!


Caprice des Dieux is also a product characterized by innovation. In 1973, Caprice was the first brand to add a “best before” date on the back of its boxes. From 1988, and even before the snacking trend, the cheese got packed into a smaller format with Mini Caprice, which can be taken in a handbag, schoolbag or backpack. In 2009, with En cas de Caprice, the soft cheese can be savored whenever and wherever consumers want to, thanks to its unique and protective packaging with visual reference to 25 grams portions, the recommended quantity for a responsible consumption, in line with our #PositiveFood approach.

En cas de Caprice

Caprice des Dieux is a committed brand. For 65 years, it has combined naturalness, deliciousness and sustainability, with its iconic packaging made of recycled and recyclable cardboard. Caprice is local but also responsible: 100% French milk collected nearby, cream, a pinch of salt, and that's it!

Did you know? In response to the flexitarian alternatives that put cheese, a source of protein, at the heart of a meal, Caprice des Dieux is not only to be enjoyed on a cheese platter: it also goes perfectly with salads or vegetarian meals! A recipe example? Click here:

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