Savencia acts in favor of biodiversity

Preserving biodiversity is a necessity for the development of a sustainable and ecofriendly farming model. In accordance with our Oxygen CSR approach, Savencia is committed to preserving it and promoting its development.


Biodiversity is an improvement driver identified in our Sustainable Milk Production diagnosis. Developed by Céréopa (centre for research on the animal production economy and industry), this indicator takes into account the areas of ecological interest (trees, hedges, bodies of water and ditches) and the permanent pastures zones.

According to diagnostic data, half of the average surface of our producers’ farms is dedicated to pasture and environmentally significant areas (i.e. 115 hectares including 51ha of meadows and 17ha of areas of ecological interest).



The Tessier site, in Cornillé-les-Caves (in the Maine-et-Loire French department), felled the old poplar plantation in order to prepare its reforestation in 2022 with specific endemic species adapted to wet and cool environments. Ponds and areas dedicated to biodiversity have been created to promote the development of biodiversity. Two hives have also been newly installed on the site.


The Elle & Vire site in Condé-sur-Vire (in the Manche French department) signed a partnership with the Conservatoire d’Espaces Naturels de Normandie to identify the species on site, while carrying out pedagogical and awareness-raising campaigns among employees.

Le Rustique


CF&R with its brand Le Rustique is committed to the association “Pour une agriculture du vivant” which acts in favour of agroecology. Several employees took part in a training and a farm visit to understand its challenges.


Vivre Vert, the first cross-functional French plant-based brand, organized a seed ball distribution operation towards Savencia employees and in-store customers. The aim: to plant 1 million flowers to re-green the environment.

Vivre Vert