Provide both pleasure & wellbeing

Because we are convinced that “Better Food” means combining pleasure and natural health.
At Savencia, with #PositiveFood, we promote a positive vision of food.
With a triple requirement for naturalness, organoleptic quality and nutritional balance.


Flexitarians, think cheese!

Corps de texte

Accompanied by vegetables or in a salad, cheese is the asset of flexitarians meals. We develop actions dedicated to recipes and balanced meal ideas in-stores or during digital operations, notably on our websites in France and in Germany.







Tasty veggie!

With its new plant-based offerings, Savencia is responding to consumers’ flexitarian aspirations.
In France and in Germany, Tartare 100% Végétal and Bresso 100% Pflanzlich won over consumers, as did the Bresso vegetable version, which recorded the highest sales in the category of plant-based spreads with herbs. In France, Vivre Vert, the first cross-functional plant-based brand, offers sliced, grated, stirred yogurts, culinary aids and drinks in four major dairy segments. Finally, in the United States, with the acquisition in 2021 of Hope, one of the leading brands in hummus and other plant-based dips, we offer tasty alternatives.

A healthy yogurt like no other!

In the Czech Republic, Pribinacek launched a unique milk drink on its market: Sportik Bifido. Ideal for children's snacks, this clean label drinking yoghurt is enriched with bifidobacteria, sources of protein.


Elle & Vire et Balade

The first 41% fat butter without additives by Elle & Vire and Balade

Rediscover the pleasure of a good-tasting butter with half fat of traditional butter, and no additives! A successful technological feat to make low-fat butters clean-label, with a creamy, spreadable texture. Designing products with shorter, more natural ingredient lists is one of our group's strong commitments to offering our consumers ever greater naturality.

Vegan chocolat: a new gourmet playground

The plant-based trend has made its way into all spheres of consumption, becoming a veritable way of life. It has of course also conquered the world of gastronomy, thanks to the temerity of more and more chefs entering this new playground. After Amatika noir 46% from Valrhona, it's now the turn of Amatika blanche 35%, the first easy-to-work white vegetable couverture, to invite taste artisans to make vegetable pastry a new source of inspiration and a new way of differentiating themselves.

LMDC Naturellement fruit