Cultivate authenticity

Because we are committed to production of excellence in all the countries in which we are present, we are attached to defending authentic products including products of protected designation of origin, while respecting local know-how.

Our regions have character

More than ever, consumers value the quality of local products. Groupe Savencia traditional cheeses have all it takes to satisfy the most demanding cheese lovers the world over. Their very names are evocative, such as for example our products benefiting from the Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) label: such as Epoisses Berthaut (from Burgundy), Ossau Iraty Esquirrou (from the South-West of France), Fauquet Maroilles (from the North), Papillon Roquefort (from the Aveyron department), Lescure’s Charente-Poitou butter or the artisan cheeses of Rogue Creamery in the USA, all emblematic products of character prepared by our master cheesemakers and dairymen who help the Group perpetuate its authentic culture of tradition and excellence.

Carte des terroirs
Haute fromagerie

A certain conception of “Haute Fromagerie”

Corps de texte

With its concept of “Haute Fromagerie”, Savencia is determined to disseminate the tradition of cheese-making excellence throughout cheese and dairy retail networks both in France and internationally. Soumaintrain, Montbriac, Galet de la Loire, are all cheeses of reference figuring within our collection of premium authentic products manufactured in harmony with the approaches of our artisan cheesemakers and with the passion for excellence which is their hallmark.


Unique since 1906

Manufactured in Roquefort-sur-Soulzon in the Fromageries Papillon, this famous blue-veined ewe cheese, Protected Designation of Origin product, is an exceptional melting-in-your-mouth cheese with its unctuous and supple texture and unmistakable taste.

Bordeau Chesnel

Bordeau Chesnel: a century-old creative tradition

Since its foundation in 1922 by Jules Bordeau and Anna Chesnel, its famous pork rillettes to be manufactured in Yvré-L’Evêque near Le Mans, using the same historical recipe. The emblematic heritage brand does not hesitate to innovate, with “La Végétale” rillettes, with a soy and vegetable-based recipe. By combining creativity and traditional know-how, the brand has succeeded in developing its leadership and continuing to affirm its celebrated slogan: “We don’t hold the same values”.

Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant*: a label of excellence for Révillon Chocolatier and La Maison Weiss

Mark of recognition of the French State, Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant* (EPV) label rewards manufacturing excellence and mastery of rare know-how generally associated with a land. Two of the Group's subsidiaries received this prestigious label: La Maison Weiss based in Saint-Etienne (Loire French department) for the 2nd consecutive time and Révillon Chocolatier located in Roanne (Loire French department). Both were rewarded for their chocolate-making know-how but also for their historical and local roots.

* Living Heritage Company