#PositiveFood: a positive vision of food combining both pleasure and well-being

#PositiveFood is a real corporate stance and is born out of a conviction: one can choose a healthy and responsible eating without giving up on pleasure. 


To introduce #PositiveFood to its customers and consumers, Savencia is developing a positive vision of food and promotes natural healthy and low processed products. Six key levers have been identified. They meet two main issues: to improve the nutritional quality and conception of our products, and to promote a sustainable consumption.

1. Highlighting positive ingredients of cheese

In France and Germany, it applies to Escargolo / Tolle Rolle, 100% natural, which nutritional profile follows the WHO guidelines on products made for children.


2. Optimizing the nutritional profile of our products thanks to an approach of progress followed by the Group brands

The objective is to reduce the use of salt, sugar or fat in the product recipes. That is how Polenghi, our Brazilian subsidiary, has reduced salt in its iconic square Polenguinho. ­



3. Clean Label and promotion of natural and low processed food

Made from natural raw materials and simple ingredients, our cheeses and dairy products are low processed foods. Most of them are “clean label”, a concept promoting the reduction of additives and the use of a limited number of ingredients. “Milk, cream, a pinch of salt and that’s all”: the 100% natural signature of Caprice des Dieux could be that of many other Savencia cheeses.

Saint Loup

4. A reasonable and reasoned consumption

Helping consumers to better visualize the appropriate size of a cheese portion and allow him/her to adopt a reasoned mode of consumption thanks to a per portion nutritional labeling:  that is what #PositiveFood is also about! That is how Saint-Loup cheese log has visual markers for portions of 15 g, i.e. the recommended quantity.

5. Our products in flexitarian diets

Many Savencia’s general public websites – such as quiveutdufromage.fr in France, ichliebekase.de in Germany and ilovecheese.be in Belgium offer healthy recipes using cheese and vegetables, as well as articles about eating well… In France, commercial operations such as “Mes Petits Plats Fromages & Légumes” (“My Cheese and Vegetable homemade meals”) are organized to foster the consumption of balanced dishes rich in vegetables and in which our cheeses are cooked as the main ingredient, replacing meat.

St moret

6. Anti-food waste

Savencia supports Too Good To Go against food waste. In France, products like Saint-Môret or Crème Saint Agur display an awareness message about “best before” dates which makes consumers think about the edibility of a product before throwing it out.