Our sites choose sustainable energy!


Committed to our Oxygen approach to reduce our environmental impact, more and more sites of the Groupe Savencia are switching to renewable sources of energy. Let's have a look at some of our committed sites!


In Germany, our Edelweiss plant uses 100% renewable and locally-sourced electricity. Based in Kempten, in the heart of the Allgäu region, this site manufactures the dairy products of three leading brands: Milkana, Bresso and Brunch.



In the United States, in Oregon, the rooftop of our Rogue Creamery plant, specialized in the production of organic cheese, is equipped with solar panels used to cover approximately 20% of the site’s annual energy requirements. Recharge stations for electric cars are made available to staff and the company car is also electric.

Panneaux solaires USA
Arias site



In Spain, for our subsidiary Arias, leader on the national market for the production and marketing of dairy products (Burgo de Arias, Boffard, etc.), 100% of the electricity consumed by our five Arias plants is of renewable origin.


In Illoud, in France, at the Caprice des Dieux production site, a locally supplied wood-fired boiler made it possible to reduce the cheese factory's fuel consumption by 70%.


Valrhona, Weiss, and La Maison du Chocolat have Guarantee of Origins (GO) certificates covering 100% of the annual volumes of their electricity consumption.


Finally, in Meslay-du-Maine, in France, the Fromagerie Perreault which produces notably Vieux-Pané cheese, uses biogas produced by a nearby biogas plant. This plant supplies the cheese factory with an average of 50% of its fuel needs over the year, and communicates regularly with the factory to adapt the production to its needs.