Our Messageries Laitières fleet chooses biofuel

100% sustainable mobility objective for the fleet of our subsidiary Messageries Laitières (transport and logistics) with the deployment of Oleo100, a "B100" fuel, immediately substitutable for diesel on all heavy goods vehicles. The result? A 60% reduction in CO2 emissions. Fully in line with Savencia’s Oxygen plan, this action aims to reduce the environmental impact of our activities.

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Since June 25th 2021, 25 trucks have crisscrossed the west and the north of France (2.5 million km per year) with a clean energy! Indeed, the Messageries Laitières fleet now runs exclusively on Oleo100: a 100% vegetable oil, 100% biodegradable and made in France. This 100% French rapeseed "B100" was launched by Saipol, a subsidiary of the AVRIL Group, specialized in the processing of oilseeds and French leader in the biodiesel production.

The environmental impact is very significant with an estimated decrease of 1,360 TCO2/year, which means a 60% reduction in CO2  emissions.

The choice of this biofuel completes the continuous improvement actions implemented at Messageries Laitières, including eco-driving training with on-board IT, the use of a transport optimization tool or even tire management.

Messageries Laitières' ambition is to promote this responsible approach for its entire transport activity by raising awareness and involving its partner carriers.

This highly impactful approach ensures continuity of the Oxygen plan, which aims among others to reduce the environmental impact of our logistics and transport activities.

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