Non-Financial Performance Statement


Trends & vision

Food transition is a major social issue. With “consum’actors” in the quest of Better Food and trust, food is evolving towards a new model that is more responsible and more respectful of local cultures. Sustainable development and the digital revolution are transforming the agrifood chain and food retailing. SAVENCIA has the ambition of reinventing sustainable and quality food meeting consumers’ new expectations and its #PositiveFood vision: a diversified diet combining pleasure and health, with natural and limited processed products.

By reinforcing its competitiveness and innovation, and its CSR commitment towards its various stakeholders, the Group constantly adapts to risks of the environment, to raw materials volatility, to changes in its markets worldwide and in its customers whether in retail or in BtoB professionals.


Human resources


in 34 countries

59% of men
41% of women

Subsidiaries in close touch with their local environment

Environmental and societal resources

18.7 million m3 of water

2,453 GWh of energy

4.8 billion liters of milk collected worldwide from dairy farms

Financial resources

The stability of a majority family shareholding

Control over Savencia Fromage & Dairy, a listed company with equity of € 1,552 million

Value creation

An international, independent family food group with a long-term perspective. With its strong values and its mission: LEADING THE WAY TO BETTER FOOD, SAVENCIA deploys a strategy of creating innovative and high-quality products and brands. The Group manufactures and sells products and specialty brands in retail and food service, as well as ingredients for industry. Committed to leading the way sustainably with its Oxygen CSR approach, SAVENCIA relies on subsidiaries in close contact with their local markets as well as by the pooling of global expertise.

One Group, two entities: SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy, a major player in milk processing, the number 5 global cheese manufacturer and number 2 in France and SAVENCIA Gourmet, an international player for sweet Premium Food Service, present in French retail stores with its strong deli and seafood brands.

Shared value

For people

Top Employer
Europe 2020-2021

Payroll costs:
20.9% CA

63.1 % of employees received trainees in 2020

523 apprenticeship contracts in 2020

For the Environment

Trend in greenhouse gas impact of milk collection:
-252,000 equivalent tons of CO2 between 2010 and 2020

Energy consumption:
+0.9% per manufactured ton between 2015 and 2020

For society at large and local communities

Valrhona "Live Long" plan:
initiatives in favor of cocoa producers

Bordeau Chesnel: partnership with pig breeders for a sustainable production

SAVENCIA leader of the Top 10 groups in France for the 2020 revenue growth (source distributor panel)

A Group endowment fund

1.9% of net sales