Research & Development

A driving force for innovation, our R&D function is structured around dedicated teams based in the Group’s various technological centers and in its Research & Innovation Center.


Research at the service of strategic objectives, quality and consumers

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Innovation is one of the keys to Savencia’s success, driving our day-to-day activity, constituting the foundation of our specialty strategy and providing us with a way to set ourselves apart. Our fundamental research, undertaken in collaboration with leading public and private partners, enables us to generate new scientific knowledge. Our applied research and our development entities help us create solutions to permanently improve the quality of our products. Lastly, our breakthrough innovations help us provide consumers with new products that are ever safer, healthier and more sustainable.

Soredab, our Research Center 

Soredab is Savencia’s main laboratory and its multidisciplinary research center. In this structure of scientific and technical excellence, we develop scientific knowledge in the areas of food safety, food sciences, biotechnologies, nutrition, industrial processes, packaging, modeling and analytical sciences. Our research themes extend over numerous disciplines covering all the Group’s businesses: cheese, butter and cream, chocolate, and meat and seafood products. Bolstered by scientific partnerships with leading public and private institutions, Soredab’s experts and technologists develop drivers to advance the products of tomorrow.


Technological centers of excellence

Our technological centers of excellence are R&D centers specializing in a particular category of products. They undertake projects involving product renovation and development, product range enlargement, and technological innovation with regard to processes and packaging, for example. They constitute an essential link in the chain for the development and deployment of product innovations. They also contribute to the transfer of technologies by undertaking projects in conjunction with all relevant stakeholders: marketing, production, quality, purchasing professionals, etc.

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Local R&D 

Our subsidiaries have local R&D teams who act as liaisons between our scientific and technological experts and operational teams. They are in charge of the industrial development of our innovations, in constant contact with our Quality and Manufacturing teams in particular.

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Digital modeling 

The digital revolution has long been underway at our Research Center! For several years, Soredab has been using digital modeling and simulation tools. This driver of scientific progress is also helping us identify physical, mechanical and biological phenomena that as yet we only partially understand. Today, we use algorithms and new digital tools to summarize our knowledge and identify new areas for innovation!