Marketing & Activation

Our Group’s keywords are differentiation and innovation. Throughout the world, our marketing teams work to promote our portfolio of specialty brands.

Marketing: combining local and global initiatives

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Because we are active on food markets strongly marked by culture and thus by local customs and tastes, we develop our brands in accordance with a “glocal” approach combining local and global initiatives. This approach is above all local: all our brands are solidly rooted in their regions and are usually specific to a particular country. They are managed by national marketing teams possessing a keen understanding of their markets and aware of the specific expectations of local consumers. But this approach is also global: we provide all of our markets with our comprehensive expertise and know-how, in particular in terms of research and development, thereby allowing them to benefit from breakthrough innovations with high added value. Our marketing teams enjoy a high level of freedom in managing the overall mix: positioning, brand activation and launch of innovations.

Benoit Heilbrunn – Professor of Marketing at ESCP 

“As the Scientific Director of Groupe Savencia’s marketing training programs, I realized very early on that Savencia is committed to the local management of its brands, whether in terms of innovation or consumer communication.
For a training partner, working with a group capable of closely managing such a large portfolio of premium brands is a great opportunity. I believe the same applies to any current or future marketing professional.”

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“Activation Villages”: bringing together competencies 

Our marketing and sales organization has been designed to provide the best possible response to our customers’ new expectations. The increasing weight of digital, the multiplication of points of contact along the consumer path and the transformation of media and of our distributors are among the factors that have led us to set up, in several countries including France, “Activation Villages”. Their principle? They bring together, within a single working space, all the skills involved in marketing and sales activation: community managers, media managers, graphic designers and digital marketing managers work alongside category managers, sales team members and experts in merchandising and e-commerce. Within our villages, the close proximity of our sales, marketing and media teams and of our digital specialists helps us develop new approaches ever more closely adapted to our new environment. 

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Market intelligence: key input for our strategy

Market intelligence consists in understanding all of the qualitative and quantitative data that can be used to analyze market trends and monitor the competition. We are constantly on the lookout for expert profiles capable of deciphering this information to hone our strategy.

Marketing intelligence