IT & Digital Services

IT & Digital Services: a global organization supporting our brands and businesses.

Digital IT

At the heart of the Group’s transformation

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At global level, the IT & Digital Services function supports numerous strategic initiatives required for the Group’s transformation. 
To meet new consumer expectations as well as new ambitions for the industrial sector, the IT function provides relevant solutions and supports our businesses and brands as they face changes in terms of e-commerce platforms, traceability, data management, etc.
The IT & Digital Services function combines the requisite skills and creates new positions such as that of Business Relationship Manager (BRM), currently acting as a key interface between business requirements and IT solutions.

Digital IT 2

A new global organization

The establishment of a new organization for the IT & Digital Services function has facilitated the pooling of solutions and made them available to all Group employees, in more than 21 countries.
This new organization makes it possible to manage cross-functional and international projects while maintaining close connections with field staff.

Ronan Loaec, Group IT Director-Regional CIO, Americas

“As a regional team, our role consists not only in developing a regional roadmap and promoting the Group’s IT policies, but also in continuously being on the lookout for opportunities to establish synergies. For example, in the context of a project to replace an outdated solution, we are currently assessing our ability to roll out an application for launching new products under development in the USA and South America.”

Meeting challenges

The IT & digital project portfolio should both sustain ongoing business and place the group in the best position in terms of its ability to meet market requirements and consumer demand.
The challenge is to engage in IT-as-a-Service for greater efficiency, more agility and satisfied customers.



An expert testimonial

“I’m in charge of our industrial SAP competence center and lead a multifunctional team of 8 specialist consultants. The main challenge of my job is to serve our business and place my team in the best possible conditions enabling it to be effective and efficient. Our aim is to make SAP understandable, reliable and as simple as possible for users.” Aurélien Madelaine, SAP Manager

Did you know?

IT & Digital Services committed to CSR 

Collaborative workshops and working groups have been organized with the particular aim of reducing the function’s environmental footprint. Their next focus: the responsible management of IT waste.