Operations & Supply Chain Management

The Group’s success is underpinned by technological expertise combining modern industrial management methods, tradition and know-how.


Supply-chain management: focused on flows

The goal of supply-chain management is to move products from the manufacturer to the consumer, with due respect for quality, delivery and cost requirements while at the same time overseeing flows of products and related data to comply with our marketing and sales plans with the goal of optimizing our procurement, production and distribution costs and ensuring perfect control over food safety. Supply-chain management includes a wide range of cross-cutting functions such as sales forecasting, plant and procurement scheduling, sales administration, customer service and distribution logistics.


Production: a pivotal element in the creation of value

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Production staff account for almost 75% of the Group’s employees. Every single day, all around the world, our teams are devoted to manufacturing our products in optimal conditions of safety, quality, cost and timing while ensuring safe working conditions for each and every employee. They also significantly contribute to our continual improvement efforts. Our industrial facilities boast the most modern technologies, opening up countless opportunities for enterprising engineers and technicians in all areas of activity.

Maintenance: guaranteeing efficient production facilities

Our maintenance teams ensure the smooth functioning of our industrial facilities, improve the reliability of our equipment and help improve working conditions by adapting our technical environments. Together with our production teams, they develop preventive maintenance methods and engage in predictive maintenance. They also train operational staff, helping them become more autonomous on the job. The maintenance of our sites relies on a high-performance computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and other applications and calls on a variety of skills (in the fields of electromechanics, electrotechnics, etc.) as well as new working methods.


Industrial performance: inventing the plant of tomorrow

Our industrial performance teams work to optimize our production sites’ operations by updating our industrial management methods as part of the transition to a 4.0 industry model. Our ambitions are to strive for operational excellence, optimize production costs while improving working conditions and adapt our production cycles to meet the precise expectations of our markets and customers. The multiple challenges that we face include maintaining high levels of competitiveness and product quality while improving our ability to quickly meet market requirements.omers. The challenges are numerous: maintaining a high level of competitiveness and product quality while improving our response times to market requirements. 

Performance industrielle