Support functions: Management control - HR

Groupe Savencia’s support functions are at the heart of our performance and strive to achieve two ambitions: developing a best-in-class culture and fostering a spirit of service.

Management control: dialogue for the sake of performance

In today’s demanding economic environment, performance monitoring, the optimization and proper allocation of resources as well as risk management are priorities for our management control teams whose technical expertise is essential for safeguarding our activities and ensuring a high level of financial performance.

Controle de gestion

Quality: guaranteeing customer satisfaction

The primary objective of our Quality function is to satisfy our customers. Controlling the quality of our products has always been a cornerstone of our customer acquisition and sustainability strategy. The central role of quality, at the crossroads of all our other functions, gives our Quality officers the opportunity to develop strong relationships that are cultivated daily in the field.


Ensuring unique, consistent quality

To ensure the consistent excellence of our products, consumers are consulted from the design phase, and products are regularly tasted and assessed both by staff trained in sensory analysis and by consumer panels. The methods applied structure our commitment to continual improvement.

Human Resources: the driving force of our organization

Our Human Resources staff work in the field, as part of a decentralized structure designed to provide our manufacturing and sales subsidiaries with broad scope for action. Our HR teams assist operational managers in deploying our human resources policy, which revolves around five priorities: attracting, integrating, training, developing and engaging our employees. All over the world, our HR teams uphold our Group’s unique business culture and strive to maintain a climate of mutual respect and open-mindedness.


Shared Service Centers: best in class

Corps de texte

Several Shared Service Centers (SSCs) have been set up within the Group – for the Finance, Payroll and Supply Chain functions in France, and for Finance in Europe. These SSCs employ human-sized teams benefiting from powerful resources. They offer positions in accounting, payroll management and supply-chain management. They provide stimulating work environments within pleasant settings.