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Because tomorrow’s gastronomy is to be invented today, we support the professionals of taste in their projects and help them meet their challenges with passion, over the five continents.


Valrhona, passionately responsible chocolate

Corps de texte

As a pioneer and player of reference in its market of premium chocolate for professional, Valrhona has partnered with artisans of taste since 1922. As an enterprise which has been visionary for as long as it has existed, it encourages a collaborative approach to chocolate with all its stakeholders ranging from cocoa producers to finished product professionals. Via its innovative product ranges of invariable quality and taste, Valrhona helps its artisan customers open up new horizons and extend ever further the limits to their creativeness. For professional customers, dealing with Valrhona also provides the assurance of working alongside a responsible partner, committed to the environment and to sustainable cocoa production. Last but not least, it is the opportunity of being associated with a company contributing to the blossoming of gastronomy and passion for chocolate.


Weiss puts poetry into chocolate

The best of chocolate is still to be invented: such is the state of mind of Weiss, the traditional Saint-Etienne based brand that is resolutely focused on the future. Agile and dynamic, our subsidiary combines innovation and collaboration for the benefit of its professional customers wooed by the company’s three watchwords: attention to detail, French elegance and a flash of fantasy. With its customers, Weiss thus co-develops the products to sublimate their chocolate creations : for example “Chococèpes 42%” developed hand in hand with triple-starred chef Régis Marcon: an original recipe offering intense mushroom and forest flickers of taste obtained by combining traditional technique with real splinters of forest cep mushrooms, but equally by the use of carefully selected distinctive cocoas which serve to prolong the intensity of taste of the ceps.


Elle & Vire, French Touch ambassador

For more than 40 years, Elle & Vire has been a partner of preference for chefs, as witnessed by the brand’s prestigious ambassadors such as Pierre Gagnaire, elected Best Chef in the World in 2015 or Christophe Michalak, elected World Champion Pastry Chef in 2005. Each year, its celebrated Maison de la Crème Elle & Vire welcomes chefs from the world over: this major venue for sharing and communicating culinary knowledge, open to French and foreign professionals, is also a center for creativity and innovation proposing, all through the year, new collections of sweet and savory recipes imagined by its permanent and visiting chefs. The permanent team of about ten chefs also offers training and demonstrations anywhere in the world, as well as offering real support for the company’s distributors network.

Elle et Vire

Corman removes the shackles from chefs’ creativity

As the world’s number one for technical butters, Corman is a partner of excellence recognized as such by the best of artisans. Its latest innovation, a specialty for whipping baptized Sculpture, has given full scope to the creativity of pastry chefs thanks to its exceptional stability which makes it possible to produce new decorative effects. The specialty owes its exclusive properties to a mixture of carefully selected ingredients derived from buttermilk and vegetable oils.


A new generation of breaded cheeses

Both crispy and soft, we have developed in response to demand from chefs a range of golden melt-in-your-mouth Cromesquis, inspired by the eponymous French culinary tradition, available in four emblematic varieties: Cœur de Lion, Tartare, Chavroux and Mozzarella Suprema.