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Because we are convinced that “Better Food” means combining pleasure and natural health with a triple requirement for naturalness, organoleptic quality and nutritional balance. 
At Savencia, we promote a positive vision of food #PositiveFood

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Flexitarians, think cheese!

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In Europe, 30 to 40% of consumers adopt a flexitarian diet by reducing their consumption of meat. Accompanied by vegetables or salad, cheese is the natural choice for their meals and we are in the process of developing educational initiatives on the theme of “My Little Dishes with Cheese and Vegetables” as well as numerous ideas for recipes on our cheese websites in France and in Germany.

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Tartare: intensely fresh

The recipe for Tartare above all includes the savory herbs which for more than 50 years have vouched for its fresh and so very intense flavor. The herbs are harvested with the greatest attention and picked at the precise time intended to ensure their perfect maturity. They are then delicately incorporated, cold, to the cheese less than 12 hours after harvesting, thanks to our unique know-how.

Goat cheese is conquering Europe

Varying the sources of pleasure to be able to delight in food that is better for you, such is our philosophy. The increasing success of goat cheese, from the South to the East of Europe, is surely one of the keys to the Group’s diversified offering of cheese in all its forms. In the Czech Republic, for example, the new Lucina fresh goat cheese range is already a bestseller. And yet so simple: goat’s milk, a pinch of salt and a lot of know-how! The recipe, unique in its freshness and naturalness, is available in plain and fines herbs versions.



Real butter but as light as can be

Thanks to a selective skimming process, the Balade butter, which can be spread straight out of the fridge, contains 80% less saturated fats than whole butter. The Balade range also offers an organic butter with 25% less fat content than a standard butter.

The “Bien-être” collection of natural chocolate ganache

Conceiving of chocolate in a new way and liberating its lightness, setting traditional academic practices aside? Such is the challenge of Nicolas Cloiseau from La Maison du Chocolat for the brand’s new “Bien-être” collection. Our designer chef has kept the taste, the carefully dosed coatings and the pleasure of the silky texture of ganache but has removed those heaps of animal fats and proteins. He has enriched the natural anti-oxidizing, polyphenolic and vitamin properties of chocolate by the inclusion of high-value-added ingredients. Mango, curcuma, Aloe vera, propolis, pumpkin seed and pomegranate flavors are the stars of this collection which claims 45% (and up to 74%) of fruit content and also gives greater scope for the expression of chocolate’s intensity.

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