Let's take off for a cheese world tour with our #CheeseLovers!

All around the world, Savencia Fromage & Dairy has a unique portfolio of cheeses adapted to local markets.




World Cheese Day: Our cheese lovers on the spotlight!



In France - where the Group story began - Elise, Hub Supply Chain Manager in Nancy, is a fan of Caprice des Dieux: Savencia's first cheese created in 1956 by Jean-Noël Bongrain at the Illoud dairy plant in the French department of Haute-Marne. Her tasting secret? A piece of Caprice sandwiched between two crispy wholemeal rye flour toasts.

In Germany, Julina, Regional Sales Manager in Wiesbaden, is a big fan of Géramont - the German little brother of Caprice des Dieux which was introduced in the market in 1973. Today, Géramont has led the self-service cheese market for the 7th year in a row! What's our colleague's guilty pleasure? Enjoying a piece of Géramont on a slice of bread after dinner.


In the Czech Republic, Petr, Innovation Project Director in Prague, is fond of Lučina cheese: it has been launched in the Czechoslovakia market in 1981 in a 100-gram format. Today it has become an iconic product, 100% clean label. Petr's ritual for a healthy and delicious breakfast: spreading a thick layer of Lučina on a fresh crispy bread and toping it with fresh chives and radish.

In Brazil, Caroline, Production Manager at Angatuba, loves the Polenguinho square! This UHT process cheese can be kept at room temperature and thus be eaten as a snack anytime and anywhere. Locally popular for over 65 years, this “Love Brand” has been passed down from generation to generation and has been present since the childhood of every Brazilian consumers. Caroline likes to have Polenghuino with a cup of coffee.

Ile de France

In Japan, Miki, Associate Marketing Manager, loves ILE DE FRANCE cheeses and especially its signature product: the Mini Brie. Offered in individual portions, this cheese meets the new local trends of home consumption which is emphasised by home working. In between meetings, Miki likes to enjoy a Mini Brie.

In Belgium, Hans, R&D Manager at the Passendale Fromagerie dairy plant in the town of Passendale, loves the both mild and accessible typical signature of Passendale Classic. Its incomparable taste, its bread loaf like shape and the unique appearance of the irregular holes in its dough, make it unique. Hans’s secret? Choosing a cheese wheel and cut it into cubes to enjoy it as an aperitif, with family or friends, together with a good local beer.


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