Epoisses AOP Berthaut Perrière crowned "World Champion 2023”


Epoisses AOP Perrière from Fromagerie Berthaut was awarded the title of "Champion du Mondial 2023", out of over 1,600 cheeses and dairy products in competition, by the panel of the World Cheese Fair held in Tours from September 10 to 12.


This prestigious title recognizes the expertise, tradition and exceptional quality of this cheese, which respects an age-old recipe and tradition. Robert and Simone Berthaut brought Epoisses back to life in 1956, when it was threatened with extinction.

Ever since, Fromagerie Berthaut has been producing a premium product that is part of France's culinary heritage. The excellence of Savencia Fromage & Dairy's cheeses was also widely acclaimed by the panel of 12 international judges, and 47 medals were won in the “International Product Competition”: 17 gold medals, including Roquefort Papillon Le Révélation, Gouda Vieux Holland Master, Etorki.