Committed to animal welfare

With its new Animal Welfare Charter, SAVENCIA Fromage & Dairy
expands its commitments in France and internationally

Engagé pour le bien être animal


Committed for over 10 years alongside its dairy farm partners to a progress-oriented approach, Savencia Fromage & Dairy is initiating a new step in favor of animal welfare.

The group has defined its Animal Welfare Charter on a worldwide scale around 4 major issues:

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1. Quality, sustainable and local animal feed:

Ensure the quantity and quality of animal feed through best practice charters and audits, use specific quality animal feed through differentiated supply chains (organic, GMO-free or locally sourced from PDO zones).


2. Guaranteed outdoor access:

Promote dairy cows pasture grazing wherever local conditions and climate permit, objective of 100% for sheep farms by 2025.

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3. Comfortable housing:

Guarantee for 100% of goat farms litter bedding by 2025 and for 100% of dairy cows a stall (or at least 10 square meters per cow in a fully straw-covered area) by 2030; eliminate cow tethering by 2030; reduce the time spent by calves in individual pens to no more than 8 weeks.



4. Better consideration of health:

Promote a reasonable use of antibiotic treatments; treat the pain of young cattle during horn disbudding before the age of 4 weeks; and eliminate dehorning on older animals by 2030 in all our milk collection areas.

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For the implementation of this charter, the group has set new objectives:


To develop our animal welfare strategy, Savencia sought out the expertise of the international NGO Compassion In World Farming (CIWF), the leading international farm animal welfare charity.

This approach is part of the OXYGEN plan which supports the CSR ambition of the Groupe Savencia. 

Jean-Paul Torris, Chief Executive Officer of Savencia Fromage & Dairy, said: “The publication of our Animal Welfare Charter represents a major step for the Group in terms of its global ambition. It is part of Savencia's progress initiative, which began more than 10 years ago with our partner breeders, and of the very deliberate CSR strategy that the group wishes to pursue and develop.”


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