26 medals for Savencia products at the Concours Général Agricole contest


The Concours Général Agricole 2023 contest, which was held during the last International Agricultural Show in Paris, has awarded Savencia’s products with 26 medals. This recognition rewards the cheese and butter-making expertise of our teams. Among the winners, 4 gold medals were attributed:




The Chabichou goat cheese is made by Poitou Chèvre. With its white rind, its cone shape, and its slightly salty taste, it features the local cheese expertise of the Poitou French region.

Chabichou Poitou Chèvre



The Fauquet Maroilles PDO Mignon is made by “Les Fromagers de Thiérache”. Its pronounced maturation reveals a thin washed rind on the surface and a soft and creamy heart on the inside.



The Crottin goat cheese is made by Poitou Chèvre. It is based exclusively on fresh full-cream goat's milk and moulded by hand.

Le Crottin de la Fromagerie Poitou Chèvre


The raclette cheese Grand Affinage is made by “La Compagnie des Fromages et RichesMonts”. Matured for 10 weeks, it is renowned for its milk from the mountains of the Auvergne French region, and its smooth texture.

In addition, 16 silver medals were awarded, including one for the Camembert Le Rustique from “La Compagnie des Fromages et RichesMonts”, the Saint Albray – 200 gr from La Fromagerie des Chaumes, as well as 6 bronze medals, including the “Beurre AOP Charentes-Poitou cristaux de sel” butter from Maison Lescure and the Margalet Papillon – 150 gr from “Fromagerie Papillon”.

SAint Albray Le Rustique Lescure Perail

We are proud of the expertise of our Cheese Masters, employees, and sales force, for the high quality of our products, here recognized by the Concours Général Agricole contest.