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Internships & apprenticeships: supporting your first steps in the company

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Each year, the Group offers more than 200 long-term internships and work-study contracts, providing opportunities to learn about business in general and our businesses in particular. We warmly welcome students and ensure they are properly integrated. We have a wide range of offers, for every profile – whether you are in high school or college and whether or not you have any professional experience. Click here to view our offers.

Graduate Program: a window into the Group

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Intended for recent grande école graduates, our sales and marketing Graduate Program enables its participants to obtain hands-on experience with a range of associated functions. Upon completion of this course, recent graduates are ready to take up positions of responsibility thanks to confirmed experience in the field and an in-depth understanding of the Group.

Immersion : au cœur de notre activité 

Immersion: at the heart of our activity

Because the best training incorporates fieldwork as well as direct contact with business operations, our Ecole Fromagère cheese training program regularly offers three-year immersive sessions for junior engineers and similar profiles starting their careers. The program combines tutored operational learning with structured training covering both the technical and managerial dimensions of our activity.

VIE : cap à l’international 

VIE: international opportunities

VIE participants (VIE stands for Volontariat International en Entreprise which is France’s international internship program) complete a six- to 24-month assignment with one of our subsidiaries outside of France. Positions are potentially available within all our functional areas. This can be your opportunity to gain international experience culminating in a job at the end of your contract, as is the case for 80% of our interns. To view our offers on the dedicated website: 

All profiles welcome 

Are you still in high school and not planning to go to college? Your profile can interest us.
We offer some work-study programs linked in particular to certain manufacturing functions. You can also begin by temping with Savencia, which offers positions that are open to beginners.
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