Reinvent snacking

Because snacking can also be a simultaneous guarantee of wellbeing and savor, we innovate with the aim of proposing products combining naturalness, deliciousness and nutritional balance.

Fol Epi Géramont

Géramont and Fol Epi : a wake up call for sandwiches!

Corps de texte

Cheese slices are breezing ahead! For a healthy yet savory snack, they are the perfect choice to add to a sandwich or use in the preparation of other simple and fast recipes. In Germany, Géramont has been delighting consumers for over 40 years. Synonymous with pleasure the brand has become over time the reference of French cheese and art of living, over the years the brand has become the reference for French cheese. That no doubt explains the success of its presentation in delicate creamy slices combining smoothness and convenience. For a tasty snack, Fol Epi has just as much to offer: there is no end to the success in Europe of this celebrated round and generous little sliced cheese loaf available in a range of flavors!



A new start for aperitifs!

Without changing its original recipe, the cheese has adopted the form of aperitif beads with a savory heart and with a range of tastes or names depending on the country : Tartare Perles in Switzerland or Bocados de Burgo de Arias in Spain.

Polenguinho: a pocketful of calcium

As the pioneers for branded cheese in Brazil, Polenghi and its flagship Polenguinho product have built their success on their quality, their ease of consumption and conservation. Brazilians keen to maintain nutritional balance are well aware that a cheese square provides as much calcium and proteins as a glass of milk and have given the product a plebiscite. Ever better to respond to the expectations of its consumers on the go, in 2018 Polenguinho has changed its recipe with the aim of offering an even more smoother and healthier cheese with 10% less salt. The new Polenguinho has met the challenge!

Ile de france

Ile-de-France: small in size but great in savor!

After its conquest of the USA, where the brand was the precursor for the popularity of soft ripened cheese with its brie imported as long ago as 1936, Ile-de-France has now set out to introduce French cheese to consumers the world over. To make it easier for cheese lovers to appreciate the brand’s brie, camembert or goat cheese varieties wherever they may be, the various references are now also available in mini formats: ideal for a gourmet snack with a French touch!

Saint-Agaûne : des petites tranches en balade

Saint Agaûne: little slices on the move

Saint Agaûne first revolutionized dried cured sausage and is now innovating in the field of snacks: its unique dried meat specialty is now available in pocket formats. Whether whole or in small slices, Saint Agaûne’s nutritional promise has not changed: a refined product of inimitable taste, manufactured from ham but containing 2.5 times less fat than a classic dried cured sausage.