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Healthy pleasure & responsibility

Improve the design and nutritional quality of our products to ally healthy pleasure and responsibility, and promote responsible consumption

Clean label, ever more natural

In deploying a deliberate clean label policy, we are committed with the involvement of our teams to develop additive-free recipes and manufacture them as naturally as possible. The approach requires a high level of technical research to find the ingredient capable of preserving the taste and product quality expected by our consumers. For example, Elle & Vire’s light cream, manufactured at our Condé-sur-Vire plant (Normandy) from 100% Norman milk, contains no additives and only 18% fat. In the case of chocolate, with our Valrhona Signature range of decorations, we have developed chocolate novelties printed with 100% natural origin dyes without titanium dioxide.


Nutritional quality: all to the front!

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At Savencia, we all are concerned with the nutritional quality of our recipes. That is why our teams are committed to improving our products’ nutritional profile in particular by reducing their fat, sugar or salt content. For that reason, the salt content of Escargolo from P’tit Louis (also sold in Germany under the Milkana’s Tolle Rolle brand) has been reduced by 13%. As a result, the nutritional composition of this 100% natural and additive-free small cheese meets the requirements of the guide to products for children published by the World Health Organization.

St-Môret, an anti-waste champion

The average French person throws away about 155kg of food each year, for a total of 10 million tons of waste per year in France. St-Morêt has chosen to involve itself lastingly in combating food waste: the brand collects unsold fruit and vegetables from the markets it visits and donates them to local charities alongside an equivalent weight of St-Môret packs. The brand’s teams are also present in marketplaces to meet consumers and raise their awareness of best anti-waste practices with the help notably of a booklet containing recipes and tips. In 2019, the operation thus reached out to 8,000 market buyers and resulted in the provision of 2 tons of fresh products to “Banque Alimentaire” food Banks.


Already active within the Food Banks (“Banques Alimentaires”) network in France, Savencia has recently signed a partnership with Food Banks in Europe, an organization present in 24 countries, as a means of encouraging all Group subsidiaries to combat food waste whilst at the same time helping the most needy in our society gain access to products of quality.


Did you know ?


In Europe, 30 to 40% of consumers say they are flexitarians

You want to opt for a flexitarian diet? Think cheese! Accompanied by vegetables or salad, this natural foodstuff is a perfect alternative for providing a balanced diet. Recipes and other information are available in France on our website and in Germany on

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