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Employee wellbeing, solidarity

Foster our employees' wellbeing, skills, and encourage their solidary commitment

Safety: one for all and all for one!

Concerned to ensure our employees’ wellbeing, physical integrity and health, we have for the last ten years been engaged in a proactive approach under the banner “SAFETY is OUR business!”. The aim is to eliminate work-related accidents by raising the general level of awareness of the appropriate behavior to adopt whatever the working environment (industrial facility, warehouse or office). In 2018, the zero-accident objective was attained by 41.7% of the Group’s subsidiaries. The high point of this awareness-raising program is the annual safety challenge organized each year in the framework of the Worldwide Week for Health and Safety at Work and which has proved a perennial success with our employees, as evidenced by the 330 teams from 22 countries who took part in the 2019 edition.

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Training: developing our employees’ potential

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In 2018, 74% of the Group’s employees received training, a significant figure exemplifying our attachment to the development and internal promotion of our teams. Given the importance of our specific know-how, we have implemented a range of internal training to help our employees enrich their fields of expertise and maintain their employability. Six job profiles are thus on offer: developed in partnership with major engineering faculties (such as AgroParisTech/INRA) or business schools, the internal training modules represent a formidable opportunity for employees to evolve in their functions and always stay one step ahead.

Valrhona, “the place to work”

For Savencia, employee wellbeing is a constant goal. Internal opinion surveys based on the Great Place To Work methodology have been regularly conducted at our subsidiaries since 2009. For the 9th consecutive year, Valrhona has reached 13th place of the Great Place To Work ranking for French companies with between 500 and 5,000 employees.



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43.2% of Savencia managers are women

The Group is committed to promoting gender parity in every area of its activity including professional qualification, training, remuneration and career development. It is significant to note that 43.2% of the Group’s managerial positions are filled by women.


Our vocation serving solidarity

“Leading the way to better food”, our vocation, has also a solidary dimension which the Group finances via its Bien Nourrir l’Homme endowment fund. Since 2010, 70 associative projects sponsored by employees have thus been supported worldwide, for a total endowment of €870,000, all focusing on the fund’s four main areas of intervention: access to food, market gardening and animal breeding, dietary education and access to water. In 2018, in Burkina Faso a partnership with the Association pour le développement économique et social en Afrique (ADESAF) helped train 500 small farmers in agroecology and helped 80 women create a cooperative.

Our vocation serving solidarity

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