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Employee wellbeing, solidarity

Safety, health, well-being, and the promotion of a spirit of solidarity among our employees are concerns shared by everyone at all levels of the organization.

Employer of choice!

Recognized for its employee policy, especially talent management, recruitment, onboarding, training, and skill development, Savencia has seen 30 of its subsidiaries certified as Great Place to Work. These distinctions are a recognition of the culture and values promoted by the Group and its subsidiaries. In responses to the Trust Index® survey, teams particularly praised aspects such as safety, welcoming of new employees, accessibility of management, pride in belonging to the organization, and the companies' social responsibility. This has made these subsidiaries workplaces where employees enjoy working.


Safety: Strengthened objectives

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"SAFETY is OUR business" is a program based on a charter that supports our commitment to Zero Workplace Accidents for all employees, in all subsidiaries, factories, and logistics warehouses, by systematizing the execution of safety standards to develop a safety culture across all Savencia sites.





All together, in solidarity!

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Whether through the "Bien Nourrir l'Homme" endowment fund launched in 2010 or supporting employees in their solidarity commitments, Savencia supports and encourages its subsidiaries and employees to create their own projects or support local initiatives. This allows, as in the case of the endowment fund, access to healthy and sustainable food for all, actively contributing to employment, economic development, and social initiatives in their respective regions.





Did you know?


45.2% of Savencia managers are women

The Group is committed to promoting gender parity in every area of its activity including professional qualification, training, remuneration and career development.


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