Our CSR approach

Inspired and driven by committed men and women all over the world, OXYGEN breathes new life into SAVENCIA’ s approach to Corporate Social Responsibility.
OXYGEN carries our ambition to combine meaning and performance, work with our partners and innovate for a sustainable world. 


Healthy pleasure & responsibility

Improve the design and nutritional quality of our products
to ally healthy pleasure and responsibility,
and promote responsible consumption

  • Provide clear nutritional information for 100% of our branded products

  • Deploy a clean label approach for 100% of our branded new products

  • Each company to propose plans for progress, products or packaging compliant with Savencia's Responsible Design Charter

  • Support consumers in developing practices of healthy and responsible consumption practices

  • Deploy staff training in nutrition and responsible consumption plans to 100% of the Group’s companies by 2025

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A sustainable agriculture

Promote responsible purchasing and,
in conjunction with our raw materials suppliers,
codevelop a more sustainable sourcing with greater added value

  • Extend the Best Farming Practices Charter to all our milk collection areas worldwide by 2025

  • Deploy our “Sustainable Milk Production” diagnosis, with its 10 drivers for improvement, with 50% of our milk producers by 2025

  • To audit 100% of dairy farms supplying Savencia using recognised Animal welfare standards by 2025

  • Codevelop milk produced from herds fed GMO-free diet and from Organic agriculture

  • 90% of our cocoa bean purchases to derive from long-term partnerships with our producers by 2025

  • 90% of our pork rillettes requirement to be sourced from sustainable regional agriculture of quality by 2025

  • Responsible purchasing for the majority of our other strategic agricultural raw materials by 2025

  • Develop responsible purchasing from all our other suppliers via the Group Responsible Purchasing Charter

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Environmental footprint

Reduce our operations' environmental footprint

  • Reduce our greenhouse gas emissions for production and transport by 20% by 2025*
    *per ton vs 2015


  • By increasing our consumption of renewable energies

  • Reduce water consumption by 10% by 2025*
    *per ton vs 2015

  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our milk collection by 300,000 tons of CO2 equivalent by 2025**
    **vs 2010

  • Develop sorting and recycling of industrial waste and contribute to more circular solutions

  • Aim for 100% of recyclable or biodegradable packs for our branded products

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Employee wellbeing, solidarity

Foster our employees’ wellbeing, skills,
and encourage their solidary commitment

  • Improve Health and Safety at Work with the goal of 0 accident

  • Perform opinion surveys and implement plans for progress in 100% of our companies to improve quality of life at work

  • Commit to diversity and inclusion. Reach gender parity for managers by 2025

  • Develop skills. Double the number of apprentices by 2025

  • Each subsidiary supports at least one solidarity campaign

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